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Our Services

Think and Ink Grant Consulting® provides end-to-end outsourced grant-seeking support to nonprofit organizations* through the following five services: 

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Grant Consulting  

We help you think through ways to transform
your grant-seeking strategy.

Think and Ink Grants® helps you "think" through effective grant-seeking strategies by offering:

  • Grant Strategic Planning: Transform your grant-seeking strategy by defining a customized and effective approach to pursuing grant funding.

  • Communication Clarity: Examine your mission, vision, goals, and objectives and their alignment with your intended outcomes across all communication channels.

  • Community Needs Assessment: Identify and zero in on the most critical needs of those you serve community need by examining data, conducting surveys, and facilitating focus groups.

  • Program Development: Logic model-based program design to create new and update existing programming, engage stakeholders, and communicate impact to funders.

  • Strategic Planning: Create a strategic plan defining your nonprofit's KPI's.

  • Budgets:  Compose organization and program budgets for sound financial planning.

  • Evaluation Plans: Evaluate the success of your program through planning and execution

  • Fundraising Strategy: Plan funding streams to maximize revenue.


Our experience spans a variety of nonprofit issues.  We also support additional needs as identified.

Learn more about how grant consulting can help advance your nonprofit here.

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Grant Research  

We find grants to help you increase your funding.

​Think and Ink Grants® helps your nonprofit prospect funders by:

  • Finding funders aligned with your mission with a history of supporting projects just like yours.

  • Completing the research needed to help customize a grant-seeking strategy to approve your approach to winning grants.

  • Creating a 2023-2024 Grant Application Calendar to help track grants' due dates, manage capacity, and ensure timely submissions.

  • Providing monthly ongoing research and identifying new grant opportunities year-round.

  • Outlining a relationship cultivation schedule to build relationships with funders prior to submission.

  • Helping you prepare for conversations with funders and advise on how to respond to various funder communications.

Grant research is updated monthly to provide access to new grant opportunities as they are published. 

Learn more about how grant research can help advance your nonprofit here.

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Grant Writing  

We write competitive grant applications
aligned with each funder's focus area.

​Think and Ink Grants® helps you "ink" competitive proposals for the following types of funding opportunities:

  • Federal/State/Local

  • Private/Family/Community/Other Foundations

  • LOIs (letters of interest or letters of inquiry)

  • Corporate Grants and Sponsorships

  • In-Kind Donations

As experienced federal grants reviewers, over 60% of our work volume is within federal grants.  For grant opportunities offered by foundations, we compose relationship cultivation emails and correspondence to facilitate relationship-building prior to submitting an application.

Learn more about how grant writing can help advance your nonprofit here.


Grant Management  

We help you create processes to meet funder requirements

​Think and Ink Grants® provides the following grant management support:

  • Develop an ongoing grant reporting process to quickly and accurately complete funder-required reporting requirements

  • Define a data processes and capturing process across your organization for multiple users

  • Maintain a funder reporting calendar to submit funder-required reports on time

  • Expands capacity by helping complete funder-required reports

Never complete another funder-required grant report again.  We work with your team to get these reports completed correctly and on time. 

Learn more about the common pitfalls nonprofits experience by not having an effective grant management process in place here.

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We help you define metrics of success
and evaluate community impact

​Think and Ink Grants® has two on-staff university level Evaluators available to provide the following support:

  • Create evaluation plans to communicate to the funder how you plan to measure your success

  • Construct evaluation questions to evaluate your programming appropriately

  • Evaluate your program to determine if you achieved your metrics of success

  • Compose an evaluation report to submit to funders

Learn about evaluations and how they can help your nonprofit here.

Think and Ink Grants can help you transform your grant seeking. 

Get in touch with one of our talented grant writers

in Atlanta, Georgia today:

Not ready yet?  Learn more here.

* We do not currently offer services supporting for-profit entities.

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