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Think and Ink Grants® provides customized, grant writing solutions to help your nonprofit “think”  through grant-seeking strategies and “ink” competitive proposals.

Our Seven Corporate Values
  1. We put our clients first- we work with you where you are and help you advance to where you want to be.

  2. We value and celebrate diversity in all forms through our clients, contractors, employees, and suppliers.

  3. ​We believe in the value of human connections: being connected with each other, our clients, our friends, and families, and our communities not only makes us better human beings but better employees.

  4. We believe in performing at a level of utmost excellence, for ourselves and for our clients.

  5. We believe in depositing good into the world and advancing philanthropy over personal gain. 

  6. We are committed to ethical decision making and uphold codes of ethics as outlined by organizations that we are members of the Grant Professionals Association and the Association for Fundraising Professionals

  7. We invest and are committed to improving our communities by volunteering our time, energy, and talents.

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