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Grant Writing

Learn more about our professional grant writing services in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States below:

Having an experienced, professional grant writer is imperative to creating a winning proposal. Writing a winning proposal will transform your funding and empower your organization to do more with more. 


So, how do you make your application stand out in a sea of other applicants?


Here are three reasons to bring on someone who specializes in grant writing:


Reason #1. We have been in the seat of a funder with experience serving as reviewers and program managers.  We have been in the position of having to decide which application gets funded. We have read countless applications and know what a winning application looks like, and know what it takes to earn high scores to beat out the competition.


Reason #2. We tell your story in a clear and precise manner - the funder will remember how much your application impressed them.  


Reason #3. We appeal to the funder’s needs, so they are confident that your organization will help advance their cause.  We detail your organization's ability to deploy resources in the community with the capacity and experience to be good stewards of each funder's precious resources.

Competitive proposals must:


  • Align your program with the funder’s funding interests.

  • Explain why your program and organization are unique.

  • Incorporate your program's potential for community impact.

  • Demonstrate that you have the capacity to execute the project.

  • Demonstrate your past successes.

  • Clearly define the roadmap to success.

  • Explain how you will measure and evaluate success (short and long-term).

  • Prove your program is sustainable beyond the funding period.

Think and Ink Grant Consulting® supports these goals and more.

It's about:

  • Having a clearly defined program

  • Writing a compelling story

  • Appealing to the needs of the funder

  • Using qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate community need

  • Keeping the reviewer engaged

  • Effectively tell your impact story and explain how you will achieve future success

  • Demonstrate why your organization is the best one for the job

  • Knowing your metrics of success

Now, this is the exciting part.

We act as an extension of your team and get to know your organization inside and out.  We want to learn your story and how you impact the community.  After we conduct specific research tailored to your organization, carefully craft your proposal, and submit your application to the funder, the only thing left for the funder to do is mail the check- to your organization.

Want to learn more? 

Schedule your free consultation today:



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