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Grant Research

Learn more about grant research and grant research consulting services in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States below:

Think and Ink Grants’ experienced, professional team of grant researchers, consultants, and grant writers utilize our access to grant research.  Our grant research sources include multiple grant databases not available to the public, personal networks, and experience with funders to help find the grant opportunities perfectly aligned with your organization - saving your organizations' valuable time and money.

We have access to multiple grant databases not available to the public to help find the grant opportunities that are perfectly aligned to your organization saving valuable time and money.


Our grant research helps you do three things:

  1. Find grants- learn about the little known grants and other opportunities that are just waiting for your organization to write a grant and submit an application.

  2. Create a Grant Seeking and Relationship Building Strategy- know what grants to seek and why.  Use your strategy to target key funders passionate about supporting your cause and start building a relationship today.  We can help you create a relationship-building strategy and write content to nurture the relationship.

  3. Establish your Grant Research and Application Calendar - manage your capacity, know what's in the pipeline, and never miss another grant application deadline again. Our team in Atlanta, Georgia, with writers across the United States, specializes in grant research and will take this task off your plate.

  4. You may think you can do your own grant research.  It may help in the short-term, but there is only one thing that will advance your organization in the long-term:  applying a comprehensive strategy based on Think and Ink Grants’ skills and expertise.

We look far and wide for the following types of grants:

  • Federal Government

  • State Government

  • Local Government

  • Other Government Grants

  • Community Foundations

  • Family Foundations

  • Corporate Foundations

  • Other Private Foundations

  • University Research Grants

  • Giving Circles

  • In-Kind Donations

Combining defining a strategy through our nonprofit consulting and in-depth research are the keys to Phase I of our process.

All done?  Go back to learn about Phase II of our process here.

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