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Evaluation Plans

Learn more about our professional grant evaluation services in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States, below:

What are grant evaluation plans, and why do many funders require them in a proposal? Evaluation plans are especially popular for funders funding university research grants, other government grants, and some foundations.

In simple terms, an evaluation plan helps your organization evaluate if your program achieved its intended impact in the community as measured by short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term outcomes.  Evaluation plans can also evaluate the process used to execute the program.


​Funders want to fund programs executed by organizations with a thorough understanding of how your organization will assess your program against its intended goals and objectives.  Strong evaluation plans demonstrating a defined actionable process of assessing your program get funded.  Proposals with weak evaluation plans don’t get funded.


We know evaluation plans are good for funders, but did you know they are also helpful when making decisions internally?


Not only will Think and Ink Grants write the evaluation plan, but we use your evaluation plan to evaluate your program once the program concludes.  This way, you can know if the program was successful, plan future programming, and demonstrate past success to funders on future proposals.

Today, we’ve only discussed two types of evaluation plans (with technical jargon omitted), evaluating the program, and evaluating the process. The fact is that evaluation plans can take on various forms depending on your organization and the intent of the evaluation plan. 

Here at Think and Ink Grants, our grant evaluators in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States are here to help you create a customized evaluation plan to meet the needs of your organization by:

  1. Defining your objectives, activities, and outcomes of your program.

  2. Creating an evaluation plan with questions that truly measure impact.

  3. Conducting an evaluation at the end of your program period to assess its impact - we include the results on your final report for the funder.

  4. Using your evaluation to secure future funding


Want to learn more? 

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