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Grant Management

Learn more about our professional grant management services in Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States below:

You just won a grant- hooray!  After the excitement wears off, now you must manage the grant.   


The truth is, grants are really hard to get but really, really easy to lose.  An oversight such as a missed deadline, an incomplete or missing report, or an overlooked guideline can easily cause your organization to lose funding and be ineligible to apply for future funding.  


Here at Think and Ink Grants, we support your organization in managing grants. Our consultants can help make sure that this doesn't happen to your organization by:


  1. Managing your organization's grant reporting giving you back valuable time to complete other tasks

  2. Acting as an extension of your team - we are a lower-cost option eliminating the pain and high-cost commitment of hiring a grant manager

  3. Helping you track and meet the requirements of each funder, especially when managing multiple grants

  4. Ensuring you have the right grant management systems and procedures in place

Some of the pitfalls of not enlisting professional help 

  • Not being eligible to participate in the next funding cycle

  • Request to return grant funds

  • Potentially face legal consequences for your Executive Director and the Board of Directors

  • Incur financial liabilities for your organization

  • Public embarrassment and scrutiny 


Need to find a grant writer? Want to learn more? 

Schedule your free consultation today:




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