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How We Work

We are grant writers and consultants
committed to helping you increase your grant funding.

What We Do

Our goal is to help make your mission possible.    We help you get grants to fuel your mission.


Our goal is to be a valued partner.  We talk with you, not at you.


Our goal is to support you in submitting a competitive proposal.  We tell your compelling story, demonstrate your passion, and include key components for a competitive proposal.


Want to learn more?  Check out our services today.


What We Don't Do
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We do not accept a percentage of the award as payment.  We uphold the ethical standards set forth by the following organizations and as members of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA).  We do not accept a percentage of the grant award as payment, work on commission, or accept a finder's fee as payment.

Check out the professional ethics as outlined in the following link:  Grant Professionals Association



We do not have products that support grants for individuals and for-profit businesses. Businesses positively impact the community, however our products for specifically designed to support the needs of nonprofit organizations at this time.


We do not have products that support nonprofit organizations based outside the United States.  Same story here. Our clients are limited to nonprofit organizations based in the United States.


How We Work


We are here as much or as little as you need us. 


We provide a wide range of services to help make your mission possible.  We provide end-to-end support of everything your nonprofit needs to find, win, and manage grants. 


Learn more about our services:

Grant Consulting

Grant Research

Grant Writing

Grant Management

Evaluation Services

Use our services in a way that makes the most sense.  We are available on a twelve-month retainer to help transform your grant-seeking strategy. Use any or all of our services to adjust to the ebbs and flows of your organization.  For example, one month you may need more help finding grants.  In another month, you may need more help refining your community programming.  We adjust as your needs adjust all under one retainer.

Many of our clients hire us in lieu of hiring an on-staff grant writer.  We have experience and access to the latest grant research and writing resources. Often times organizations save money and get better outcomes by hiring our firm versus hiring a full-time staff person. 


Consider us an extension of your team.  Book an appointment today so we can learn more about how we can help.


Questions?  Contact us today!

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