Nonprofit Consulting

Nonprofit consulting separates the nonprofit organizations that win grants from the ones that don't. 


Having a strong strategy in place transforms how the reviewer reads your proposal and will communicate to your potential funder that you have the skills, expertise, and capacity to get the job done.  

Our Nonprofit Consulting services will help you improve things like your:

  • Theory of Change

  • Annual Strategic Plan

  • Capacity Building

  • Board of Director Engagement

  • Nonprofit Mission and Vision Statement

  • Logic models

  • Program Design

  • Fundraising Plan

  • Community Needs Assessment

  • Identify Collaborators

  • Mock Review and Editing

Communicating an effective organizational vision, mission, and clear strategic plan is crucial. 


Executing strong community programs backed by evidence-based needs identified through community needs assessments are mandatory. 


Thinking through aspects of a logic model and engaging collaborators to fulfill your mission is vital. 


These elements are the secret sauce to creating a winning grant proposal. 

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