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Our Story

"Too many nonprofits don't have the tools in place

to help those they serve.  I saw a need and decided to do something about it."

Shavonn, Founder of Think and Ink Grants®

As shared by our Founder, Shavonn Richardson, MBA, GPC

I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer in 2013.   In response, my family and I formed the nonprofit Blue Flowers Org to support prostate cancer awareness.


My day job was as a Program Manager at a corporate foundation reviewing grant applications. As I wrote grants at night and reviewed grants during the day, I saw how difficult it was for nonprofits to get funding. I was also in exclusive rooms where I witnessed how grant applications were selected.


Seeing the vast difference between what nonprofit leaders were doing versus what funders expected from them, Think and Ink Grants was founded in 2016 to help nonprofit leaders better understand what funders are looking for and submit competitive grant applications.


My team and I are proud to execute our mission to nonprofit organizations across the country: to provide customized, real-world solutions to help you think through grant-seeking strategies and ink competitive proposals. Our name is Think and Ink Grants to prioritize the strategic approach of “thinking” strategically before “inking” a grant application. Our consulting services are the backdrop and secret sauce to winning grants. I also think it is important to focus on helping the most vulnerable members/areas of society: women, children, health, and education.


For the past seven years, we have met our clients where they are and helped them get to where they want to be. In 2023 alone, we deployed over $10 million into the Atlanta community by helping our clients secure grants.


We supported an institution of higher education to build an on-campus childcare facility to help non-traditional students continue their education. We integrated offering access to mental health services at the time of arrest so that justice-involved individuals could get help as needed. We helped the most impactful nonprofits who desperately need funding get general operating expenses to help keep the lights on.

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