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Our Story

"Too many nonprofits don't have the tools in place

to help those they serve.  I saw a need and decided to do something about it."

Shavonn, Founder of Think and Ink Grants®

The Nonprofit Dilemma

Nonprofit leaders need grant writers and nonprofit consultants that understand your needs,  can work within your team and understands your quirks, and tells your story in your voice.   It is hard enough running a nonprofit organization.  It's even harder to find the right partner to help find and win grants.  The frustration of not being able to find this support is mind-boggling.

Funders don't want to see nonprofits rush to submit applications without much time, energy or strategy invested.  Having a person in your corner with specific knowledge to help design a big picture strategy improves your organizational effectiveness and increases your grant funding. 

Nonprofits need a trusted partner to provide end-to-end support without having to hire multiple firms to get the job done.  Currently, after someone researches and writes the grant, nonprofit organizations have to figure out how to manage it, complete funder required reports, implement the evaluation plan, and write an evaluation report.  This can be a lot for any nonprofit, expensive to outsource, and a lot of people to engage.

Having grant writers and nonprofit consultants with specialized knowledge helps nonprofits concentrate on activities that will move the needle to get results in the least amount of time. The outcome is the submission of competitive proposals generating a consistent flow of grant wins month after month


Many organizations across the country are unknowingly making the same mistakes over and over again wasting valuable time and precious resources.

The Solution: Think and Ink Grants Consulting®

How did we figure out the dilemma nonprofit organizations are facing?  It's because we lived it.


Our Founder Shavonn Richardson, MBA, GPC saw these issues first hand as a nonprofit leader who co-founded a nonprofit organization and worked as a program manager for a corporate foundation.  Shavonn founded Think and Ink Grant Consulting™ in 2016, to help nonprofit organizations overcome these issues, get access to specialized and practical knowledge, and win grants.


We are the solution to what so many nonprofit leaders struggle with.  We are not a one-time solution, but a constantly evolving solution that rapidly changes to the needs of our clients. 

We specialize in grants supporting women, children, health, and education- no one does it better.

We are the trusted partner, that understands your needs, communicates your voice, and transforms your grant-seeking strategy on your terms.  We are an extension of your team that gets you- your team, your culture, and how you like to work. 


We have the specific knowledge to help you save valuable time and resources by doing it right the first time.  Free up your time so you can focus on running your programs,  have a better work/life balance, and increase your organization's capacity. We deliver efficient, practical, and time-saving solutions that drastically move the needle further than going at it alone.

We provide end-to-end support of grant research, where we find the grant, grant writing, where we write the grant, grant management, where we track deadlines and write funder required reports, and provide evaluation services, where we write and execute the evaluation plan and reporting.  These services are all under one umbrella of Think and Ink Grant Consulting® - one relationship with someone that already knows you.


Our commitment to advancing the grant professionals industry keeps us at the cutting edge of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge tools and expertise in the country. The majority of our team members are members of the Grant Professionals Association.  Our Founder, Shavonn Richardson, MBA, GPC sits on the Board of Directors of the Grant Professionals Association.   Two of our team members are recipients of the Grant Professional Certified (GPC) credential, earned only by approximately 400 grant professionals across the country.


We keep close and stay up to date with the changes that are going on in society, monitor how this affects our clients, and propose appropriate solutions.  We monitor how these changes affect the type and amount of funding available keeping our clients first in line to receive the latest insights.  

Think and Ink Grants® exists as a solution to many of the problems nonprofits face when applying for grants. 


Want to learn more?  Let's talk.

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