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About Our Founder 

Shavonn Richardson, MBA

Founder and CEO of Think and Ink Grants™





















Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me.  


(BTW, if you are looking for my full formal biography, check out my bio here.)

I used to be this geeky little kid who loved to read and write.  I would hide "Babysitter Club" books under my pillow and read them long after bedtime to my mother's dismay.  If you were a child growing up in the '90s, you probably read "The Babysitters Club" books a time or two. In high school, sneaking and reading books past my bedtime paid off - I entered a lot of essay competitions and won enough scholarships to finance my way through undergraduate school.  #winning

In college, I took every business course to set myself up for success post-graduation.  See, I wanted to travel the world and loved the business world so I majored in International Business at Howard University.  I even learned Japanese (gasp). Well, once I graduated and in a post 9/11 world, opportunities in International Business weren't necessarily plentiful so I stayed stateside, went into Finance then eventually earned my MBA from the Goizueta School of Business at Emory University.  In 2014, I had a major ah-ha moment- I lost my grandfather to prostate cancer.  Turning tragedy into triumph, my mother Valerie Crawford-Schiele and I rolled up our sleeves grassroots style and co-founded the nonprofit organization, Blue Flowers Org ( in his honor. 


During this time, I worked for Bank of America's Corporate Social Responsibility office where I distributed grant and sponsorship dollars to local nonprofit organizations.  After years of hard work and broad exposure to writing and reviewing grant applications and running a nonprofit organization, founded Think and Ink Grants™ in 2016 to help nonprofit organizations get grants better.  (You MUST check out my "Get.Grants.Better." Facebook Group- we have loads of fun.)


I share my story because all of it has prepared me for who I am today.  My clients benefit from my natural ability to tell their story to appeal to not only their needs, but the needs of the funder,  my experience of being on both sides of the fence as a grantmaker and grant recipient and, as a nonprofit leader I can relate to the daily needs, stresses and pressures of getting grants for your nonprofit organization- I truly feel your pain.

As Founder of Think and Ink Grants™, I couldn't imagine doing anything else.  I get personal satisfaction knowing I make a difference for so many organizations I serve.  I am the fourth generation of women in my family have been community leaders, advocates, and nonprofit self-starters.  Looking back, all my family and life experience have prepared for this very moment.  I couldn't be more honored to serve the community.

I am here to help you win.  I have a personal commitment to making your nonprofit mission possible and seeing your community programs come to life.


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