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Our Founder

Shavonn Richardson, MBA, GPC
Founder | Speaker | Mom | Yogi


"Learn to do good. Seek justice. Relieve the oppressed."

Isaiah 1:17

When I first started my career...


I saw nonprofit organizations experience so many problems finding and winning grants with very few real solutions.  I thought, what do nonprofits really need to move the needle?  How can I help them transform their grant-seeking strategy?

I saw firsthand as a nonprofit leader how difficult it is to get grants. I co-founded the nonprofit Blue Flowers Org and have walked the journey so many nonprofit leaders walk.  We were one of the lucky ones - we won 100% of the grants submitted through a very deliberate and proven process I still use today.


Later, I saw the grant-seeking experience through the eyes of a funder- I worked as a program manager for a corporate foundation office responsible for distributing over $1.3 million in grants and sponsorship to Atlanta nonprofits.  It was a privilege to read multiple applications, learn what stood out in some applications, and see opportunities for improvement in others.

Seeing both ends of the grant "giving" and "seeking" equation created a crystal clear vision of what resources are available and what funders expect from nonprofits. 

From my vantage point,  I realized nonprofit organizations were in dire need of help. The gap between the availability of professional help and the ability of nonprofits to meet funders' expectations were miles apart


Think and Ink Grants Consulting was started as.....

A solution to this problem.  How can we help level the playing field for nonprofit organizations?  How can we create a firm that offers cutting edge professional expertise, practical, actionable, and effective support, and maintains the highest ethical standards?  Our story of how Think and Ink Grants™ got started sheds light on how this came to be.


I believe changing the world...


Begins with improving the status of women, children, health, and education.  This is why Think and Ink Grants specializes in these areas to help change the world by improving communities, one grant at a time.  Recently, our work has expanded into the social justice space to contribute to the invaluable work of improving the status of underrepresented and disenfranchised communities.

I've always felt I was walking in my truth...

Even as a little girl. It all made sense once I realized I am the fourth generation of my family committed to advancing the community.  I went on to do all things young people do: I went to school and earned a BBA from Howard University and an MBA from Emory University.   I mastered my craft and invested in my professional growth.  Starting Think and Ink Grants is a God-driven effort combining all my life and professional experiences to meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. 

I'm humbled by the opportunity to continue my family's legacy of servant leadership.  I have been recognized by Forbes as a thought leader and featured in media outlets such as Voyage ATL, Cure Magazine, and Health Connect South Radio.   I had my life work recognized by President Barack H. Obama and received the President's Volunteer Service Award from the Corporation for National and Community Service in 2015.

Think and Ink Grants™ is not...

Only committed to our clients, we are committed to our team and advancing the grant professionals industry.  

We are committed to our clients by helping them continuously increase their grant funding through our grant research, grant writing, grant management, nonprofit consulting, and evaluation services.  We are especially excited about our new initiative, Get.Grants.Better. , specifically designed to address the unique needs of smaller nonprofit organizations.

We invest in our team and are committed to helping them contribute to their community, support their families, and create opportunities for training and career advancement.  We are dedicated to being a workplace of inclusivity where employees of all races, genders, and backgrounds can thrive.

Me presenting.jpg

We advance the grant professionals industry by the work we do each day.  Most members of the Think and Ink Grants Consulting, myself included,  are members of the Grant Professionals Association (GPA).  We are proud to uphold the GPA's Code of Ethics and be on the cutting edge of the tools and resources to support those we serve. 

In 2020, I joined the ranks of less than 400 grant professionals in the country by earning the nationally recognized Grant Professional Certified (GPC) credential administered by the Grant Professionals Certification Institute (GPCI).  Earning the GPC credential demonstrates mastery of nine grant writing competencies and meets the rigorous standards of grant professionals' real-world demands.


I contribute to the grant writing profession by currently serving on the Board of Directors for the Grant Professionals Association.  I am also dedicated to mentoring and opening doors for others by serving as Board Liasion for the Grant Professionals Association Mentoring Committee. Each year, Think and Ink Grants offers at least one internship to a recent grad looking to enter the industry. I've led and participated in countless professional events, including GPA iLearn Live, Southern Regional Grant ConferenceFoundant Technologies for Grantseekers, and many more.

How do we hope to support your grant-seeking goals?

We hope to be your one-stop-shop for all your grant needs.  We make it easier for nonprofits to build a relationship with one firm that provides end-to-end support through a team leveraging diverse skills and expertise.

Ok, now you know a little about me.  I'd love to learn more about you.  Talk to us today.

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